Skilled Nursing Facility 

What Do Assisted Living Communities Provide?

You might be at a point in your life that you are considering an assisted community for a loved one and the options are endless. We wanted to provide an overview of the services, features, and benefits assisted living communities, skilled nursing facilities, and retirement communities offer to those at a stage when managing life at home is no longer easy or worry-free. 

What is an Assisted Living Community?

An assisted living community is a type of housing designed for individuals who require various levels of medical and personal care in their daily lives. The U.S. Federal Government does not officially define an assisted living community; therefore, these communities will vary in services and benefits. 

A general definition is that assisted living communities provide a home-like setting and are physically designed with seniors in mind. The individual living spaces offered at assisted living communities vary and can be: shared rooms, apartments, or suites. 

Assisted living communities also offer a variety of services to help residents with their daily lives. Conducting research and touring (virtual or in-person) will provide insights into the specific services of a community. You’ll discover that no two assisted living communities are the same and you’ll certainly find one that fits your needs. 

Services Assisted Living Communities Provide

The services provided by assisted living communities range in meals provided, recreational activities, personal care assistance, etc. Following is a list of standard services you should expect from an assisted living community. 

  • Between one and three meals per day
  • Monitoring of medication
  • Personal care, including bathing and dressing, if necessary 
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • 24-hour emergency care
  • Medical services
  • Social and recreational activities 

It’s important to ask the assisted living community you are considering if they provide the services you are hoping or expecting to receive. For example, some – not all – assisted living centers have a nurse on-site 24 hours a day, or a pool, or a robust variety of social activities. 

Before choosing an assisted living center, consider what services you need. Talk to your friends and family about what is most important to you. Think about what you need from your living arrangements. What daily activities do you need help with? How often do you need help? The answers to all of these questions can help you choose the best assisted living center for you

Services Offered at The Moments Memory Care

The Moments Memory Care community provides the highest standard of care for our residents. We provide a variety of services at our community, including a 24-hour nurse on-site, a medical director, and an award-winning chef who creates custom meals for our residents. 

Our unique architecturally designed community features include:

  • single-story living 
  • a total of 32 suites that each suite feature a unique exterior look – including a front door and mailbox specific to the resident – to promote orientation and wayfinding for residents 
  • hospital-grade HVAC system providing six air changes per hour to eliminate order and provide continual clean, fresh air
  • high ceilings and huge windows allowing in an abundance of natural light 
  • In-floor radiant heat to warm the core of the body year-round

Our open floor plan allows residents to move freely throughout the entire building. We also have a beautiful outdoor patio, garden plots and plenty of walking areas, so residents can enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. At The Moments, we pride ourselves on creating a community that feels like home for the residents and their loved ones!

The Moments Memory Care also has a life director on-staff who coordinates  a variety of activities for our residents as an opportunity to social engage, stimulate and create life-enriching moments. We offer special events and outings, music therapy programming, nature-based programming, garden activities, wildlife therapy, and even animal-assisted therapies and pet therapies. We also ensure that there are ample ways for residents to move, including low-impact exercises like walking and chair yoga, dancing and various garden and lawn games. 

Culinary Services at the Moments Memory Care

Chef Brian

At The Moments, we uphold the belief that food is important for nutrition, but also for overall happiness and quality of life. 

At The Moments Memory Care, we are proud to have a culinary program that features made-from-scratch, chef-prepared meals. Our trained and award-winning culinary director, Chef Charles Plaetz, is highly experienced and creates custom meal program exclusively for our residents of the Moments. Chef Charles is passionate about seasonal, high-quality ingredients and some of his favorite meals are his award-winning pork dishes and savory soup stocks. 

Skilled Nursing Facility 

Skilled Nursing Facility 

What is a Skilled Nursing Facility?

A skilled nursing facility is an in-patient rehabilitation or medical treatment center staffed by licensed medical professionals. Skilled nursing facilities give patients round-the-clock assistance with healthcare and ADLs (activities of daily living.) 

What Are ADLs?

ADLs stands for the activities of daily living. This means the routine activities people do every day without assistance. The six basic activities of daily living are eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility, and continence. If you or a loved one struggles with one or more ADLs, it might be time to consider a skilled nursing facility or assisted living facility. 

How is a Skilled Nursing Facility Different from an Assisted Living Facility?

A skilled nursing facility is a temporary residence usually for patients who are undergoing medical-necessary rehabilitation treatment. While an assisted living facility is a more permanent option with residents who need more care. 

What is a Retirement Community?

A retirement community is another option for seniors, as opposed to an assisted living facility. These communities are designed for older adults who are generally able to care for themselves but wish to live in a senior-citizen only community. There are various requirements for living in retirement communities. Some of these include an age requirement, a retirement requirement (either fully or partially), and the ability to pay for the services the community provides. 

There are several different types of retirement communities. In fact, an assisted living facility is just one type of retirement community. Retirement communities vary in the amount of care they offer for residents, from very little for communities with extremely independent and able residents, to communities that care for bedridden and ill patients. 

If you are considering an assisted living center with memory care for yourself or a loved one, please contact us at The Moments Memory Care today. 

Published On: December 22, 2020