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For the elderly, the healing power of human touch cannot be underestimated. Unfortunately, many seniors do not experience the simple, healing act of touch on a daily basis. Our care team at The Moments makes sure that our residents regularly experience the warmth and soothing nature of a caring, helpful hand. 

The Moments features a uniquely therapeutic approach to lighting. We offer large, unobstructed second-story windows throughout the entire community to let in the maximum amount of natural light as possible, paired with a high-tech circadian lighting system in both of our Resident wings. Our lighting system provides high melanopic lux, increasing serotonin production during the day to help regulate our residents’ (and staff!) circadian rhythm and provide an energy and positivity boost.

Music Therapy is one of the most effective forms of natural and positive engagement for individuals living with forms of dementia. From daily opportunities to participate in ‘The Moments Singing Circle Choir’ to ensemble instrumentation, orchestral, drumming, and live musical performances, residents have daily opportunities to express themselves and get in touch with their musical memories in a fun and social atmosphere.

Some of our most powerful memories, our strongest affiliations with life and love and happiness, are activated by smell. A scent that you connect with an occasion or a moment from the past can instantly transport one to that time. Smells (unlike sounds, sights, or touch) get routed through your olfactory bulb, the smell-analyzing region in your brain that’s closely connected to your amygdala and hippocampus, brain regions that handle memory and emotion.

Exceptional cuisine is essential to an individual’s fundamental sense of wellbeing. Our unique culinary program is a custom, nutritionally-rich approach to dining. We recognize that phenomenal cooking contributes to feelings of joy and happiness and has the ability to trigger positive memories and visceral associations. Great food is often associated with feeling loved and provides an intrinsic sense of feeling at home. Because we believe so strongly in the power of high-quality dining, the culinary arts are a core pillar of our memory support community and Moments Philosophy.

“I’ve never heard of a community that cooks real food, and dishes that are interesting, beautiful and tasty. In addition, I have never heard of staff sitting with residents and socializing while dining with them. The fact that residents are catered to in relationship to their own hunger pattern and likes and dislikes are amazing. This is what elder care should look like.”

We have developed a customized service approach, taking into consideration the complexities associated with having a form of dementia to include a “small plates” 4-course style of individually serving residents in order to deliver a highly customized and dignified dining experience each day. Our culinary team is trained to craft altered-consistency meals that are not only delicious and nutritious, but are also presented attractively, such as, parfaits and soufflés.

Social Engagement

For an individual with memory support needs, mealtimes are often considered the best parts of the day. Every meal should be a celebration of delicious flavors and an opportunity for vibrant community engagement.

Sensory-Pleasing Cuisine Design

Enjoying “great taste” is one of the most important biological human experiences. Smells, textures, colors and flavors are all hugely important to stimulating our appetites and assuring that our healthy nutritional requirements are met. Chef Charles prepares each meal with thoughtful attention to assure not only delicious flavor, but also the most beautiful presentation guaranteed to open the eyes, mouth, heart – and delight the senses.

A truly outstanding meal needs to be deeply nourishing to the body and deeply satisfying to the soul.

Culinary Engagement

Each day, Chef Charles and his team plans for and prepares unique dining experiences planned to ensure that our residents are thoughtfully and completely nourished. Careful consideration is taken to best engage residents in the physicality of dining, along with the traditions of food preparation. From vegetable gardening to simple sensory joys like washing seasonal berries, shucking corn or baking breads and kneading doughs, our skilled kitchen staff invites residents to participate in and be active contributors to our daily meals.

Our beautiful dining room setting is configured to encourage social engagement between residents, staff and visitors. The setting is always warm and inviting and features a stone fireplace and atrium glass windows which flood the room with an abundance of beautiful natural lighting. The family-style “gathering table” in the center of the dining room encourages dialogue and social participation. We also accommodate dining in multiple locations throughout the property to offer residents enjoy a variety of settings within the community to spice things up during the different seasons of the year.


Our care team is encouraged to join residents in the dining experience. We find mealtimes are ideal opportunities for our residents and care providers to gather together, enjoy each other’s company and feel the warmth of friendship and conversation over a great meal.

Memory Support Through Dining

Our unique approach is designed to support the most wonderful dining experiences possible, but we understand an individual’s needs will evolve as their memory loss progresses. Should a resident have difficulties navigating utensils, our kitchen team leverages their years of experience in creating specially prepared and plated foods to assure that residents are able to dine as independently as possible with dignity, without compromising food presentation or flavor.

We encourage residents to dine on their own schedule and can provide access to delicious, nutritious options for dining at any time of day while encouraging a natural circadian clock and rhythm to the day.

Specialized diets are accommodated, including diets specific to those who may experience difficulty with swallowing. Our team is highly trained to support the most comfortable dining experience possible for each unique individual, including hand-over-hand assistance, cueing, prompting and encouraging residents to enjoy each meal.


Fresh foods made from scratch

Professional chef-driven kitchen

Beautiful presentation

Small plate, multi-course approach

Social engagement through dining

Special dietary requirements welcomed

Culinary Traditions

Time honored culinary traditions are central to providing a sense of community and a familiar atmosphere. Our team takes personal interest in understanding the historical and religious traditions important to each of our residents, and look for every opportunity to incorporate these treasured moments into our dining program. We welcome families and loved ones to join the residents of The Moments and encourage all to continue participating in cherished family traditions whenever possible.

“I tell all of my friends I can’t believe how incredible the food is. Mom is enjoying the best food she’s ever had in her entire life! I genuinely look forward to joining her for dinner at The Moments.”