The Moments Moving Team

When it’s time to move your loved one into The Moments, you can count on our moving team to make that day of transition smoother than you might have thought possible. Our team will clean, pack and transport personal belongings and identified furniture pieces to your loved one’s suite at The Moments and prepare the space to feel familiar and comforting.

While all of that is taking place, you can focus on your loved one. Upon arrival at The Moments, you’ll all be invited to a welcome meal where you can get to know our incredible leadership team. After an optional activity and tour, your welcome day will conclude with a warm introduction to your loved one’s suite. Our goal is to make transitions smooth and positive for new residents — it’s the ideal way to start their journey at The Moments.

Resident Bedroom

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We would be honored to have you visit, take you on a personal tour, and learn about your family’s needs.

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