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How Do I Find the Best Assisted Living Community?

Finding the best assisted living program in your area is one of the most common challenges caregivers face when transitioning their loved one from  family home to a retirement or an assisted living community. Whether you’re looking for assisted living, senior living, or retirement communities, we at The Moments can help guide this search by outlining key factors to consider as you research the best assisted living communities for you or a loved one.

Community Living Near Me

It can be difficult to choose an assisted living community for a family member. However, being informed and fully understanding your options and the key differences of each community helps ease this decision. 

Assisted living is a broad industry term with varying definitions. Across the country, assisted living communities offer a variety of services, culture, programming activities, and resident assistance. For example, some assisted living centers staff an on-site nurse 24-hours a day – but this is not an industry requirement. The more you know about the differences between assisted living communities, the easier it will be to make the right and best decision for you or a loved one. 

What Does Assisted Living Mean? 

Generally, an assisted living community is a community for seniors who might need assistance in their daily life for their individual needs, but still want to live an independent lifestyle. Assisted living communities provide supervision and assistance with the activities of daily life, coordinate health care services, and monitor the residents to help ensure their safety and well-being. Various assisted living centers offer different amounts of personal and medical care. Some assisted living communities will focus on specific areas of need, like memory care. Finding the best assisted living program that best meets one’s needs is exceedingly important to the happiness of the resident.

What to Expect from Assisted Living

In assisted living, you can expect support for seniors in five main areas: bathing, dressing, medication management, meals preparation, and transportation. Many other services (for example, laundry and housekeeping) are typically part of assisted living, too. However, some communities have different standards that they adhere to. For example, at The Memories, we clean and sanitize all rooms daily; most communities do so on a weekly basis. This allows for a safer, more pleasant environment for everyone. If finding the best assisted living program is your top priority, it’s important to ask specifically for the services and assistance you can expect from the community.

How to Recognize the Best Assisted Living Communities

During the research process, our advice is to “visit” each assisted living community on your consideration list. During this global pandemic, virtual tours – such as our experience at The Moments – have skyrocketed as the safest option to experience an assisted living community. Visiting (in-person or virtual) offers the best opportunity to experience the facility, the culture of the community, staff/resident interaction, etc. A visit enables you to get a feel for the uniqueness of each assisted living community. 

Factors to Help You Choose an Assisted Living Community

There are several factors that can help you determine which assisted living community near you is the right one, specifically, cost, services, memory care, and culture. Let’s break them down:


One of the main concerns when searching for housing of any kind is the cost. Please keep in mind that costs vary by state, region, timing, and required services. There are also several avenues available to pay for assisted living, including Medicaid, elderly waiver, veteran’s benefits, long-term health insurance, and more.

There are other costs associated with nursing communities that you may not have considered. Most residents will need help moving into a community. Many need to hire professional movers, which is an additional expense. Some communities, like The Moments, will provide that service at no cost. However, that is unique and uncommon. In fact, The Memories is an all inclusive pricing community, meaning you do not pay anything more than what is listed including extra nursing. Extra nursing is not an uncommon charge you will see from other communities. 


The services offered in each assisted living community vary. The United States does not have a federal definition of what exactly constitutes assisted living, and states all have different industry regulations. Many states in the U.S. issue more than one type of license for assisted living communities, which means that different levels of care are allowed. The licensing of an assisted living community also matters because it might affect its ability to be covered by Medicaid or private insurance. An assisted living community with the most advanced license might provide care for a resident who is bedridden or suffers from dementia.

Besides just day-to-day care, some assisted living centers plan outings for their residents! At The Moments, residents have the option to join the Adventure Club. The Moments Adventure Club enjoys weekly outings to educational and experiential destinations.

Another common factor is the amount of nursing care available. Many retirement communities may offer nursing during the day and have minimal staff during the evening and nights. Most people prefer the comfort of knowing that a community has 24-hour nursing available like one would find at The Moments.

Memory Care 

If memory care is important to you, you will want to find an assisted living community that specializes in memory care, like The Moments. At The Moments, we specialize in dementia-related memory care for individuals living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory impairments, including Vascular dementia, Parkinson’s, Pick’s Disease, and Lewy Body Dementia. 

Additionally, our well-trained staff also support and care for higher-acuity cases, like behavioral issues, and early-onset memory loss for those aged 50 and older.

At The Moments, we go beyond using psychotropic medications by using sensory-driven methods to support our residents in a more sustainable way. We have 24-hour on-site nursing services. There is either an RN or LPN in the center at all times. We also have a superior staff-to-resident ratio, which means each resident receives a significant amount of personal attention. We also have a dedicated Physician Medical Director. We are proud to offer a greater level of clinical care than almost every other memory care center. 

Culture and Personality

There are thousands of assisted living communities in the United States, and no two have quite the same feel. The culture and personality of an assisted living community is important. For example, some assisted living centers are decorated more formally, and some are more relaxed. Some are very small communities, and others have hundreds of residents. Depending on where the center is located, there might be ample outdoor space or an urban environment. There are even assisted living centers that specialize in specific areas of interest for their residents –art, golf, veganism, or community service. 

At The Moments, we pride ourselves on providing a center that feels like home for everyone. We combine the hospitality standards of a five-star boutique hotel with a customized dining program, specialized clinical services, and a therapeutic environment. Our residents live in suites, not just a room or apartment. We also offer special events and outings, and music therapy programming for our residents

Questions to Ask About Each Assisted Living Center

When you are considering whether a certain assisted living center is the best place for you or a loved one there are several considerations and questions to ask. For example, during your virtual tour/visit take note of cleanliness and personal interaction. Following are several questions you might want to ask at each assisted living center you consider:

  1. How many residents currently live in the community?
  2. What is the ratio of caregivers to residents in the community?
  3. Is there an open footprint nurse’s station?
  4. Does the community look like home to you? Do you like the decor?
  5. What are the apartment choices? Do they offer suites?
  6. Will you share an apartment or suite with another resident?
  7. Can residents bring their own decor? What furnishings are provided?
  8. Is there staff around the clock?
  9. Are there activities offered for the residents?
  10. How is the food and dining selection?

Senior Living 

If finding the best assisted living program is either too difficult or doesn’t seem like the right option for your loved one, perhaps senior living is the right answer.

What is Senior Living? 

Senior living is housing, like apartments, townhomes, or condos, within communities or complexes that are specifically designed with the needs and desires of senior citizens in mind. Many older adults reach a point when living alone in a house or traditional apartment is no longer the best idea.

A huge benefit of senior living centers is that they often include perks, like laundry and housekeeping services, on-site spas, salons, pools, and fitness centers! Typically, a senior living community has an age restriction, like 65 years and older. 

Many senior living communities are basically age-restricted apartment complexes or condos. However, some do offer health services and assistance. Senior living is an excellent next step for an independent senior who might need some help, but who doesn’t require a full-time assisted living community. 

Community Retirement

Community retirement, or a retirement community, is another option for seniors that is very similar to senior living. It is a residential community or housing complex designed for older adults (not necessarily senior citizens) who are able to care for themselves. The benefit of community retirement is that many activities and socialization opportunities are usually provided.

Best Options for Your Loved Ones

Unfortunately, as we age, we need more and more support. Which makes finding the best assisted living program incredibly important. It is imperative that you find a community that can support and care for an individual’s existing needs, but also offers expanded services and resources to help with any unforeseen issues that may arise, such as memory loss. Try to have a long-term view when selecting an assisted living community!

If you are interested in finding an assisted living community in or near Minneapolis that offers the best facilities along with the best care, The Moments will be your best option. To learn more about The Moments, you may enjoy a virtual visit, or can schedule an appointment for an in person tour



Our resident specialist will give you a private tour of The Moments Memory Care Community and answer any questions you may have.

Safety Protocols

Our HVAC system was uniquely designed to deliver six complete air changes per hour which means clean air, safer air, throughout the building. Our resident rooms have individual fresh air and filtration above the windows, both designed to increase safety and sanitation levels.

Our normal protocol includes rigorous daily disinfecting of resident rooms and common areas. During every shift, staff disinfects doors, handrails and other common areas.

Meals have shifted from community gatherings to small group, socially distanced meals that are served in shifts, tables and chairs are sanitized after each seating.

ALL residents and staff are tested bi-weekly, at a minimum and take temperature checks are conducted daily of all residents.

Anybody – staff, caregivers, residents, vendors – who enters The Moments will pass through the ENTRY where Far-UVC lighting will inactivate surface-level viruses and bacteria

Additionally, prior to each
shift staff:

  • Undergo a health
    screening, temperature
    check and contact risk
    evaluation surveys prior
    to entering the building
  • Are required to wear a
    facemask and goggles
    at all times
  • Constantly conducting
    thorough handwashing
    and hand sanitization
    during their shifts

Essential caregivers/visitors
are required to:


  • Undergo a health
    screening, temperature
    check and contact risk
    evaluation surveys prior
    to entering the building
  • Wear masks during
    their visit
Published On: November 19, 2020