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Living with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia doesn’t mean losing the ability to live life of sense, purpose and fulfillment. The Moments care philosophy encourages a deep understanding of each resident’s life story, taking into consideration their needs, abilities and unique preferences.

Our programming approach is based on the latest advances in Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and is engineered to directly engage the senses and enrich every day experiences; including music, art, theater, storytelling, gardening and movement therapies.

Special Events & Outings

We believe it’s important that residents continue to have regular and active engagement while living at The Moments. We coordinate regular outings across the broader Twin Cities metropolitan area that encourage access to cultural and environmental stimulation.

Music Therapy Programming

We recognize the significant therapeutic benefits of music and encourage creative expression and connection at every given opportunity. Our community features a Player Piano, Casio Keyboards, and small instruments and hand-drums so that residents can be hands on and make some noise whenever their heart feels like singing!

If you’ve met ONE person with Alzheimer’s…you’ve met ONE person with Alzheimer’s”

Nature Based Programming

Garden Activities

Residents enjoy taking part in both indoor and outdoor gardening/horticultural activities as well as experiencing wildlife habitat adjacent to The Moments. Many of the fresh, organic vegetables used by Chef Charles in our kitchen are grown right on site by our residents!

Wildlife Therapy

Access to outdoor environments is beneficial to good mental health and wellness. We regularly provide and guide residents through outings and visits to various wildlife destinations during peak seasons in order to nurture their connection to nature.

Research has shown individuals who are able to maintain a nature-based circadian rhythm experience less agitation, sleep better, and are more likely to have healthy dietary habits. Therefore, our unique design provides ample natural lighting through clear-cut dormer windows and a two-story atrium glass wall construction. Because we know that nature offers well-documented therapeutic benefits, our memory care community includes a cedar-sided sunroom featuring a floor-to-ceiling live plant wall providing our resident year-round access to nature. 

Animal-Assisted Interventions or Pet Therapies

Recent science has shown the overwhelmingly beneficial aspects of animal and nature-based interactions for individuals living with a Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our Nature Based Programming places a heavy emphasis on access to the outdoors and engagement with loving critters.

Movement & Fitness

At The Moments, the indoor footprint of our entire community is literally designed to support ample opportunities for exercise; because we know how important physical movement is to essential wellbeing. Our community is designed to support an active lifestyle for those who are able. Within our community there are no dead-end hallways. Residents are able to utilize the main corridor space as an uninterrupted indoor walking track any time, day or night.

We partner with a collaborative group of specialists to provide a variety of daily fitness options. Movement and Fitness classes are available every day to residents. Specialized exercises and courses are created to deliver the maximum benefit for each unique participant. Our fitness programs are designed to help improve residents’ core strength, balance, coordination and cardiovascular health, as well as promote relaxation and a reduction of stress and agitation.The goal is to increase overall health and wellbeing, reduce potential for falls, and encourage residents to remain active. In some cases, the program can even reduce the need for assistive mobility devices!

Whenever possible, our program incorporates strength-building exercises both seated and lying down, and balance-building exercises while standing. Participants often find they have worked their way up to having more balance confidence after regular exercise, which equates to fewer falls and increased independence.

Low Impact Exercise

During warm weather seasons, we provide various forms of outdoor exercise, including walking and various garden and lawn games.

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