Resident Experience

Life at The Moments

Look around our community and you’ll see people engaged, interacting and enjoying life — and that applies to our residents and our team members! Here, we happily dedicate ourselves to bringing residents meaningful, enriching moments each and every day. By providing a perfect blend of comforting routines and fresh experiences, we’re able to foster human connection and affirm each of our resident’s unique interests and needs. Best of all, family members are always welcome to join the fun!

Every Day Our Residents Enjoy…

Prime Rib, Brussel Sprouts, and Potatoes

Residents love mealtime at The Moments, and it’s easy to understand why: The fellowship is wonderful, and the food here is delicious. Fresh ingredients, skillful preparation and superior quality mark every single meal, and residents are always served with the utmost care. Learn more about how we take dining seriously — and why we value making mealtime special.

An enriching life is an engaged life, and residents at The Moments always have opportunities to tap into their personal interests and hobbies and — even more importantly — try something new. Never played a musical instrument? Always wanted a garden to tend? The Moments is the place to do what you love and give new things a try!

Resident reading greeting card
Lady by the Lake

An incredible assortment of events, activities and opportunities exists within The Moments community, but it’s also fun for residents to get out and take full advantage of the remarkable resources the Twin Cities area has to offer — resources like museums, arboretums, theaters and seasonal events. Our capable team members act as tour guides, taking residents on safe and fun excursions throughout the year.

The Moments schedule of events and activities is always robust. Our families take full advantage of the ability to quickly see what’s scheduled for the day to make sure that fun opportunities aren’t missed. Residents can participate in as many scheduled events as they wish, and most quickly find favorites that become a top priority from week to week.

Alzheimer and Dementia Care - celebrating holidays and cultural events
Family with Baby Visiting Resident

When we planned The Moments, we considered it vitally important to create a community that our residents love — and that their families love to visit. We encourage our families to think of The Moments as an extension of home. This is a place for family members to gather, celebrate and create wonderful memories together. Families are always welcome here, and the warmth and love they bring with every visit is a big reason The Moments has such an upbeat, joyful atmosphere.

Maybe it’s a Minnesota thing, but we really enjoy getting outside in warmer months. By design, the gorgeous outdoor spaces at The Moments make it easy and enjoyable for residents to spend time in nature. Whether it’s strolling the garden pathways, tending to plants or having coffee with friends and family al fresco, our residents reap enormous benefits from taking full advantage of Mother Nature and all her offerings whenever weather permits.

Outdoor gardening
Indoor Log Cabin Porch

It’s impossible to calculate how much time and effort has gone into making every corner of our communities special. Indoor walking paths, uniquely designed entrances to each private residential suite, pleasing textures, calming colors… Countless details comprise our interior and exterior spaces so that residents are always surrounded by an environment that inspires them, brings them comfort and helps them navigate their days with as much ease and confidence as possible.