The Moments is truly a sight to behold. Gorgeous, large-scale professional photography is placed throughout the building to visually cue residents to the beautiful natural landscapes of the upper Midwest. Also, to keep residents in tune with the natural circadian rhythms of the day and improve their sleep cycles, we incorporate as much natural light as possible via innovative architecture and window placement.

We’ve even designed each floor to encourage the easy pedestrian flow of a walking track. Along the way, residents can take a break and visually enjoy a variety of custom-built environs — a pioneer-era general store with rocking chairs, a library, a water feature and more.

At The Moments, we have selected every element of spatial design for the benefit of our residents, and that includes interior lighting. Our superior lighting system features a different frequency of light during the day and during the night, boosting serotonin production throughout the hours when residents are awake and active, and increasing the production of melatonin throughout the evening to encourage restful sleep.

Carefully Developed Color Infusion

Color is yet another ‘sight’ design element that enhances the environment for residents. We have taken great care to ensure that our environment is color-sensory sensitive. Pigments, hues, values, tints, shades and contrasts can impact how people living with dementia perceive their surroundings. The Moments tapped into well-researched color theory when designing the color palettes and interior finishes featured throughout the community to further support residents’ sense of comfort and well-being.

  • Way Finding queues at The Cottage
  • Wayfinding Space at the Cottage
  • Resident Hall Toward Sunroom
  • Aquarium, Dining Room, and West Wing

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