Pleasant, familiar sounds are comforting to the soul. When planning The Moments community, we took great care to create an environment that is pleasing to our residents’ ears. That of course includes the incorporation of soothing sounds like soft music playing in dining areas. Equally important, however, is the mitigation of irritating sounds — so we took the extra step of installing acoustic sound-dampening panels throughout the common areas. Further, our buildings are constructed with extensive thermal insulation to minimize outside noises.

Music Is Magical!

We love to see the absolute happiness and powerful memory connections that music brings to our residents — particularly when they listen to music that transports them to meaningful seasons of their lives. Music therapy is one of the most effective forms of positive engagement for people living with forms of dementia. At The Moments, residents can enjoy and participate in music daily. Our Activity Calendar regularly features the following events and activities:

  • Singing opportunities
  • Instrument classes
  • Live musical performances
  • Listening to the player piano
  • Playing Casio keyboards, hand drums and other small instruments
  • Visits from trained music therapists

Soothing Nature Sounds

Because the sounds of nature have a proven positive impact on well-being, including reducing agitation and supporting a general sense of calm, we equipped each resident suite at The Moments with a way to access nature-based content on the TV with the touch of a button.

  • Resident Playing Tamborine
  • Resident Drumming During Sound Therapy

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