Sensory Design

Living a fulfilled and happy life requires regular stimulation and pleasing of the senses: Taste, Sight, Smell and Sound – and at The Moments, a sixth sense: Human Connection. Every aspect of daily life at The Moments is based around activities and ideas designed to keep residents’ minds active and inspired, offering not only a sense of comfort and security, but of purpose and meaning. Our unique Sensory Design™ approach to memory care ensures a carefully curated experience on all levels, from the soft feel of the sheets to the nutritional value of the food we serve. Every sight, sound texture – even the air we breathe – is taken in to consideration and is formulated to invigorate the senses and create a relaxing and luxurious environment for our residents.

Unfortunately, all too often, society relies on pharmaceutical interventions exclusively in the management of aggression, agitation, anxiety and the complex behaviors associated with dementia. At The Moments, we are advancing care interventions to go beyond psychotropic medications and are looking toward sensory-driven methods to support sustainable wellbeing. Our unique approach supports appropriate activation of one or more of the senses each and every moment of the day.