Sensory Design

The tremendous value of
life-enriching environments

Nothing sets The Moments apart more than our belief in the transformative power of sensory design to improve and enrich the lives of our residents, moment by moment. We use sensory design to create a stimulating, pleasing atmosphere that appeals to our residents’ five senses — taste, touch, sight, sound and smell. But at The Moments, we know there’s a ‘sixth sense’ that is equally vital to a fulfilling life: human connection.

Celebrating these six senses is foundational to the overall residential experience at The Moments, informing every last design detail of our beautiful residential buildings as well as our warm and attentive approach to caregiving.

Celebrating the Six Senses

Dinner Entree at The Moments

We create customized, restaurant-quality, made-from-scratch meals daily for residents. Our chefs take great pride in treating residents to the flavors of traditional home-cooked meals with a nutritious and healthy twist, including the use of smart fats like olive oil and avocados. A consistent ingredient throughout all of the delicious dishes served at The Moments? Love. Mealtimes are relaxing and rewarding opportunities for residents to enjoy each other’s company and spend time with some of their favorite team members.

The sensory importance of human touch cannot be underestimated — particularly for older adults with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Be it a light squeeze of the shoulder, a therapeutic hand massage or a warm embrace, daily touch from our trained staff brings a sense of calm, comfort and reassurance to our residents, leaving them feeling nurtured and pampered.

Manicure for Resident
Fish tank

Beautiful and inspiring sights abound at The Moments. We have created atmospheres that enhance and reward the sense of sight for residents, many of whom are reaching a time in life when vision problems can become more common.

Music therapy is one of the most effective forms of natural and positive engagement for individuals living with forms of dementia. Residents have frequent opportunities to participate in singing, ensemble instrumentation, live musical performances and more — all of which encourage expression in a fun and social atmosphere.

Music Therapy
Fresh Baked Pastries

First-time visitors to The Moments often comment on the smell — or, more accurately, the lack of smell. The community was built with the highest-quality HVAC system available, allowing for up to six complete air changes an hour. This ensures that fresh, clean air is circulating in the buildings at all times, eliminating commonly found odors and ensuring a pleasing atmosphere.

Being on the receiving end of a warm smile, a delighted laugh or a sincere question enables our residents to experience the ‘sixth sense’ that we value so much at The Moments: human connection. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

Staff assisting Male Resident