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Gardening at The Moments

A Fresh Approach

The Moments combines 5-star hospitality standards typical of a boutique hotel with high-acuity specialized clinical services, a customized dining program, daily housekeeping and a person-centered approach to programming – all offered within a therapeutic environment. Throughout the development of our philosophy and practices, we considered not only those who are living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, but the needs of their caregivers and extended families as well.

Live in…The Moments

Traditional Memory Care providers often rely on pharmaceutical interventions in the management and treatment of aggression, agitation, anxiety and the complex behaviors commonly associated with dementia. At The Moments, we are advancing care to go beyond psychotropic medications and use “sensory-driven” methods to support a more sustainable level of wellbeing for our Residents.

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Campus Expansion Coming Soon


The Moments is proud to announce a 60-Suite campus expansion, featuring exceptional amenities and services.


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To Test…or Not to Test?

To Test…or Not to Test?

If a facility has never tested, how do they know if they are COVID-19 free? Let’s dive deeper here and dial in to memory care specifically.

Moving With Dementia

Moving With Dementia

Once a decision has been made to move a parent or spouse into a memory care facility, family members need to begin preparing for the move. Our goal at The Moments is to make the move-in process as seamless as possible.