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Dear The Moments Families:

As of April 9, 2020 Governor Walz has extended his stay at home order until at least May 4th, 2020.  To that end, The Moments is continuing its no visitor policy until at least May 4, 2020.  So far we have avoided COVID 19 at The Moments and our intention is to keep this community as healthy and safe as possible. We take the care of your family members very seriously and our goal is to continue providing the best possible care to our residents.

On this Good Friday we continue to pray and hope that this COVID-19 outbreak will be contained very soon. We know how important family is and how important this week is normally having families gather for Passover Seder or Easter Brunch. Over the past two Easter’s we have always had the pleasure of having Easter at The Moments. It saddens me to say that this year we cannot have that gathering…right now.  I believe that we will all be back together again soon celebrating and enjoying each others company and family time.

As always please contact Peter with any questions or concerns. Also, please reach out to us to schedule a Facetime call (new school), Zoom or face time in the west vestibule (old school) with your loved one.



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