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6 Commonly Asked Questions about Covid-19

Have you tested residents and staff at The Moments for COVID-19?

Answer: Yes, this is our priority. Since congregant living communities are most affected by COVID-19, according to the Minnesota Department of Health, it was a clear decision for us to proactively test ALL residents and staff. Testing started in April following the first six weeks of closure of The Moments from ANY visitors. We continue to test residents and staff bi-weekly.

Have you had any positive tests?

Answer: Yes. A resident was asymptomatic and tested positive. Immediately, we pivoted implementing our plan to isolate and we saved our community from an outbreak. The resident was quarantined in their room for 14 days and received two negative test results before re-entering the community. Our protocol exceeded the requirements of the MDH and CDC.

Additionally, one staff member and two extended staff – who hadn’t been on campus for weeks – tested positive. These individuals followed all CDC guidelines and today are healthy. Our vigilance to secure and administer tests before symptoms arose was a saving grace.

What protocols are in place if there is a positive COVID-19 test result at The Moments? 

Answer: Our #1 priority is to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If a positive test result occurs at The Moments, we implement our safety response plan, specifically:

  • Quarantine the resident with the positive test (either symptomatic or asymptomatic) to their room for a minimum of 14 days and two negative tests.
  • Deliver all meals to the resident in their room.
  • Assign ONE specific caregiver to the resident to ensure care and social interaction is provided in order to minimize the chance of spread. The caregiver would:
  • Wear a clean isolation gown, disinfect their hands, put on gloves, a fresh facemask and a full-face shield, prior to entering the room
  • Provide care and social interaction
  • Dispose of gloves, facemask and gown in a separate garbage at the door and disinfect the full-face shield, prior to exiting the room
  • Disinfect their hands and put on a fresh facemask and goggles, after exiting room
  • Assign ONE specific housekeeper who cleans and disinfects DAILY. The housekeeper wears mask, gloves, gown, goggles and full-face shield.
  • Maintain daily contact with family to provide updates (facilitated by nursing staff and management)
  • Encourage families to visit the resident’s window (The Moments is a single-level facility) and schedule FaceTime or Zoom calls

What protocols are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at The Moments?  

Answer: The Moments established stringent protocols very early, prior to the Minnesota Department of Health announcing guidelines for assisted living facilities.

  • When a new resident enters The Moments they are immediately tested for COVID and isolated to their suite for up to 14 days. If their test is negative, the quarantine time may be reduced. Allowing for any symptoms to reveal themselves.
  • On March 13, we closed the community to outside visitors – a difficult but necessary decision.
  • All of our team follows CDC guidelines for screening prior to their shift including, temperature check, standard health screening and contact risk evaluations surveys.
  • We sourced plenty of PPE (masks, goggles, and full -face shields) and implemented required use in late March.
  • Even our building is prepared. Our HVAC systemwas uniquely designed to deliver six complete air changes per hour which means clean air, safer air, throughout the building. Our resident rooms have individual fresh air and filtration above the windows, both designed to increase safety and sanitation levels.
  • Our normal protocol includes rigorous daily disinfecting of resident rooms and common areas. We continue this and on every shift, disinfecting doors, handrails and other common areas.  
  • Meals have shifted from community gatherings to small group, socially distanced meals that are served in shifts, tables and chairs are sanitized after each seating. 
  • Family members who are providing end-of-life comfort for a resident are allowed into the building. Each family member is required to follow CDC screening criteria and are provided a mask, disinfectant for their hands, and are escorted to their loved ones room where they are required to remain for the duration of their visit.

Are you still testing?

Answer: Yes. Although not required by the Minnesota Department of Health, we test all residents and staff bi-weekly at a minimum and take temperature checks daily of all residents. It is our priority to ensure the health and safety of our community.

Additionally, prior to each shift staff:

  • Undergo a health screening, temperature check and contact risk evaluation surveys prior to entering the building
  • Are required to wear a facemask and goggles at all times
  • Constantly conducting thorough handwashing and hand sanitization during their shifts

What steps have The Moments taken to continue connecting families with their loved ones during the pandemic?

Answer: We have implemented creative ideas and embraced technology to connect families and residents.

  • Technology: Zoom and FaceTime calls are scheduled frequently with families.
  • Door Visits: Family members and residents safely visit in an area with windows/doors providing a lovely view of each other yet separated by a door.
  • Outdoor Visits in the Garden: Newly expanded patio areas in the garden allow family/residents to sit social distance length apart while wearing masks (and no touching).
  • The Clear Moments: Newly installed plexiglass walls in various areas outdoors allow safe visits.