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How is the team at The Moments of Lakeville keeping sick people out of the community?

The Moments is conducting Active Monitoring of all residents and staff.  Prior to each shift, our staff undergoes health screening, temperature checks and contact risk evaluation surveys.  We screen every resident and healthcare provider daily for fever and respiratory symptoms.  We added a Director of Human Resources, Kristin Jutting, to our team in February to support staff and staff family concerns for physical and emotional well-being as well as potential surge staffing needs.  In addition to physical check in, our Reception Host is conducting informal emotional wellness checks on staff and residents, and reporting general concerns to HR.

What actions are being taken by The Moments to reduce exposure?

Our residents are vulnerable and require the most diligent efforts to Reduce Exposure Risk.  In February, we began a sequence of social distancing that began with reduced visitation from volunteers and entertainment services and culminated in a closed campus (as of March 13).  Families have reverted to video calls; prospective families are conducting “tours” through our new online tour portal. Our staff is screened prior to every shift and even our meals have shifted from community gatherings to small, socially distanced meals that are served in shifts and that include sanitization of all tables and chairs after each seating.

We’ve heard handwashing is the most effective prevention method.  How is that being addressed? 

Personal hygiene decline is a common concern among those living with dementia.  Our team has been innovative, creative and effective in stimulating basic hygiene among our residents. We have provided visual ques, signage, fresh soap and care provider example as well as games, crafts and conversations all designed to encourage resident hand-washing. While hand sanitizer is also effective, it is an unfamiliar method for our residents and we do not leave chemicals unattended. Our staff carries hand sanitizer and is able to support residents in applying it.  For those instances and for our precious healthcare staff, we are executing partnerships with local companies that have retrofitted their normal production lines to produce sanitizers.  In this way, we keep our community safe while providing needed work for our local manufacturing staff and economy. 

What advanced efforts is The Moments undertaking to keep our loved one’s safe? Are their unique aspects to the healthcare our families are receiving?

The Moments Memory Care was literally built for safety and sanitation.  Behind the elegant and welcoming exterior, the award-winning architecture and custom design is such that we are able to completely renew the air supply of the building six times every hour.  More fresh air within the building which should reduce the risk of spreading the virus in a confined space. All of this fresh air is offset by ambient heat within the floors which are covered in a unique anti-microbial laminate.  Our community is a single floor building – which reduces the number of doors, stairways and elevator buttons in need of cleaning.  Our resident rooms are spacious and light.  Windows in each room, fresh air/heat above the windows and screen doors encourage residents to maintain personal distance.  The design of our building is a continuous loop with extra wide hallways.  With this layout, our residents are able to keep activity levels up with extended indoor walks, while maintaining 6-foot distance from others.

What is being done to help hourly employees that may have early symptoms or sick family members?

At-Risk employees were counseled in January and alternate or remote assignments were enabled on a case by case basis.  All fever or respiratory related sick leave requests prior to the Families First Leave Act were covered with pay by The Moments.  As of April 1, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), which includes the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act now apply to leave taken between April 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020.

Is The Moments accepting new residents?  Will you allow sick residents that leave for care to stay?  Or return? 

Yes, we are currently open to new residents and returning residents – with stringent requirements. The impact of this virus upon our community resources is dynamic, we are monitoring state and federal guidelines and our own capacity closely and will adjust our policies accordingly.  

As of April 3rd, returning residents (i.e., from doctor visits or non-respiratory related illness) who are fever and symptom free may rejoin the community. Returning residents will be quarantined for 24-hours. However, residents who may have had to go to the hospital will be quarantined for up to 14 days. New residents may be accepted after COVID-19 testing and verification they are fever-free and respiratory symptom-free.  New residents will be screened daily and partitioned from community for a period of 14 days. 

While we are taking all measures, we are also prepared for the event a resident becomes ill with a general, respiratory or “COVID-like” illness. Residents that exhibit symptoms of respiratory infection will be cohorted until symptoms resolve and/or COVID-19 tests return as negative. Staff attending to partitioned or cohorted residential areas will wear N95 masks, eye protection and gloves.  Healthcare providers and staff for new and/or re-entered residents are also partitioned for 24-hours. Healthcare providers assigned to cohorts and isolation groups may only work with affected residents.  Separate waste receptacles will be allocated for partitioned resident related waste and discarded care provider protective gear.  Dedicated staff allocated to refill supplies, deliver meals and medications to partitioned staff members.

What is the best way to stay up to date on what’s happening at The Moments?

We believe that communication is the key to positive outcomes in any crisis.  We have increased our Communication infrastructure and cadence, ranging from emails directly from CEO (to resident families and staff) to COVID-19 updates on our website as well as personal phone outreach to families in advance of changes to procedures and visitation.  We have committed to regular and more in-depth coverage of daily events through our Facebook posts. And, our reception desk is now scheduling private video or phone calls from families to residents.  For our staff and their emergency contacts, we have updated all of our email and SMS text contact lists and empowered our marketing team to initiate mass communications through site, email, social.  On site, all staff carry radio and text enabled devices at all times and have been advised of escalation paths in the event of any health-related concerns.

Further Questions?

If you have any questions that you’d like to discuss regarding our residents, please reach out to The Moments of Lakeville’s Vice President of Operations, Peter Hendrickson, at

You can also email and your questions will be answered by our response team, led by Elizabeth Wright. 

For staff and staff family questions, please contact The Moments Human Resources Director, Kristin Jutting, at