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Why Social Connections for Seniors Are Important

It might not sound like a big deal, but isolation is a public health issue for the elderly. A 2020 report from The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) revealed that nearly one quarter of adults over 65 experience loneliness, and a 2017 study taught us that social disconnectedness can be more deadly than smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Social isolation and loneliness are dangerous, contributing to risk factors for both physical and mental illness.

If you have a loved one at risk of social isolation, there are many ways that you can help them stay connected! Community and social connection are the best gifts you can give to the seniors in your life.

How to Connect With Seniors

“Social isolation and loneliness can facilitate cognitive and physical decline, which then may be exacerbated by aging and further prevent social connection.” (American Society on Aging) As a loved one or caregiver to an elderly person, you have the power to interrupt this decline!

Helping your loved one maintain their social connectedness can improve their mental and physical health. Whether your parent or grandparent is living independently or in a care facility, there are many ways for you to support them socially.

1. Technology

No matter the distance between you and your loved one, technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected with family and friends. Whether you set up a weekly video call, send a quick photo by text here and there, or interact on social media, they will always know they can reach you.

2. Volunteering Together

Volunteering is a wonderful way for anyone of any age to find purpose and connection. If you’d like a structured way to connect with a senior you love, find out what they’re passionate about! A common cause can foster deep bonds.

Volunteering opportunities are many and varied, which makes this an accessible activity for all abilities. Also, volunteering can help you and your loved one get involved and make friends in your local community!

3. Activities and Events

Does your loved one have a hobby they could teach you? Maybe one of you has been wanting to try an art, meditation, or yoga class, and could use a buddy. If in-person activities aren’t on the table for reasons of distance or illness, you could try an online class or stream a movie together, too!

4. Assisted Living

The most special thing about The Moments is our family atmosphere; we care for your loved ones as if they are our own family members. Our community is carefully designed to foster connections and unite our staff, our residents, and their families. If you aren’t able to provide an in-person connection to your senior loved one, we love connecting with the elderly!

We believe deeply in providing the highest quality care and respect for our residents while honoring their independence and dignity. Our social events are voluntary, but there is no shortage of fun here! If you’re interested in our enhanced assisted living, come visit!

Social Connections for Seniors

Side view of a smiling older woman painting with a group of people.

The Moments’s strategy for senior social connections is simple: we treat everyone on our campus like a family! Our greatest joy is helping our residents stay involved with their families and our community.

You will see the difference yourself if you attend one of our resident events with your loved one. Our events calendar is packed with crafts, exercise, movies, services, and games.

If your loved one wants to leave campus to see a bit more action, they are welcome to join our Adventure Club! Every month our residents have multiple opportunities for outings and adventures like museums, shopping trips, and mini golf.

No matter your loved one’s preferred way to engage, there is an opportunity for them to make connections here at The Moments.

Connecting With the Elderly People You Love

The best gift you can give to senior adults is social connection. Community is absolutely lifesaving! If you have a loved one at risk of social isolation, you can act now to foster connection. Whether far or near, living independently or in assisted living, you have the power to make a difference.

We are passionate about this because we the benefits of connection daily; elderly social connections are one of the most important parts of our work at The Moments.

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Published On: December 18, 2023