A grinning staff member leans into a conversation between two residents.

Meaningful Ways You Can Support Your Senior Living Staff

The Moments community includes a team of incredible, highly trained staff members dedicated to improving the lives of the residents in their care. This team is a representative of the hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers nationwide employed as senior living staff. January 2023 data from the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living shows that 478,500 employees across the country are working in this industry. Working in senior living can be as stressful as it is rewarding, and encouragement and support can go a long way in making these specialized health care workers feel appreciated — and committed to staying in their chosen profession.

Here are some simple ideas for showing the senior living team members in your loved one’s life the gratitude they so richly deserve!

What Is the Resident to Staff Ratio in Assisted Living?

Walking through the halls of our beautiful campus, you’ll see many members of our team. Our ratio of residents to staff is low so that we are always available when a need arises. Our licensed and highly-trained nursing team is present 24/7, and our leadership team is both experienced and passionate. One of our hiring requirements for our assisted living staff is an empathetic nature, and that is very evident in staff interactions.

We know what it’s like both to be a family member and a caregiver. People are what matter to us, and we hope that you embrace this culture with our staff and residents.

How Do I Share My Appreciation for Assisted Living Staff?

First, introduce yourself and get to know us! Whether you’re walking in our park or enjoying your loved one’s enhanced assisted living suite, odds are good that you’ll see staff members again and again.

You also have an opportunity to help us get to know your family members. We love to hear stories about our residents, see photos, and get to know their personalities.

Lastly, be courteous and respectful of our time, and treat us as your partners in caring for your loved ones. We truly appreciate it.

The senior living staff at The Moments supports all of our residents 24 hours a day, making us your highly-trained ambassadors in care. We encourage you to embrace our staff as part of your extended community and family.

A nurse in blue scrubs smiles down at a seated elderly woman, who is grinning back at her.

What Are the Challenges Facing Senior Living Staff?

The last three years have shown the sacrifices and heroism of the healthcare community. Burnout and turnover have been high, while morale has dipped.

Memory care is an especially nuanced field, with many highs and lows for patients and staff alike. We commend our staff for keeping The Moments a safe place for our patients both physically and emotionally.

Although careers in healthcare, aging, and memory care can be stressful, the joy and rewards of the field are evident in our culture at The Moments.

What Makes Your Team Different?

As our testimonials support, The Moments is more than a facility — it’s a family. The difference isn’t in our excellent architecture or delicious dining but in the love, dignity, and care shown by our staff.

We train all of our team members to be excellent communicators in order to best serve our residents and their families. Respectful and honest communication with our team makes our jobs easier, and there are many ways to thank the staff that you appreciate. A smile, thank you, or genuine conversation goes a long way.

We view our memory care residents through a person-centered approach. This offers a lens of dignity and respect in our interactions. We take pride in this framework, and everyone on our campus to treat each other this way

Treat our staff like your community–we are! We are living alongside and giving care to the beloved members of your family. As much as we support our residents, we are also here to ease your mind about the care of your loved one.

What We Do to Show Staff Appreciation

Not only do we seek to create a welcoming and loving space for our residents, but we also do the same for our employees. We believe that creating an unparalleled company culture with excellent wages and benefits will motivate our team members to grow professionally and in the love and care they offer our family here.

Our values include supporting senior living staff just as much as we support the seniors who live here. We want everyone who enters our campus to feel like an integral part of the community we have created here, because that’s what makes The Moments feel special.

When you’re here, you’re family, and that doesn’t just apply to our residents. Our staff is a crucial part of the family unit, and so are you. Your respect for and appreciation of our care team boosts morale and spreads joy. Thank you!

Published On: October 16, 2023