The experience and sensory stimulation of Touch is an essential part of our well-being. For the elderly, the healing power of human touch cannot be underestimated. Unfortunately, many seniors do not experience the simple, healing act of touch on a daily basis. Our care team at The Moments makes sure that our residents regularly experience the warmth and soothing nature of a caring, helpful hand. 

Beyond human interaction, every object has texture, temperature, shape and feel that can be used as a form of therapy and memory exercise. The list of things that we can use to provide tactile stimulation for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia is almost endless. Even a simple walk through our garden can be stimulating as we find the petals and fruits of each plant are unique and soothing.


This simple therapeutic massage is very beneficial for seniors, with or without cognitive issues or advanced medical needs. Residents of The Moments enjoy a greater sense of well-being and feel nurtured and pampered by our individualized hand massage therapies.


As dementia progresses, individuals are often redirected from stress and agitation and soothed by experiencing different tactile textures. Silk, velvet, or even coarse surfaces such as bark can be very pleasing to the touch. From our high-quality bed linens to the Living Wall in our atrium room, there is no shortage of stimulus throughout the grounds of The Moments.


Sorting Sensory Shapes is a constructive activity for individuals living with dementia. Sorting objects based on the tactile senses help to discern like shapes and colors while supporting development and maintenance of waning fine motor skills. These activities are great for sensory exploration and engagement with individuals with highly tactile inclinations.