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The Moments
Moving Team

We recognize that caring for a loved one living with dementia, even in the earliest stages, is incredibly complex and strenuous on the whole family. Coordinating a “move” to a memory care community is often considered to be one of the most difficult obstacles when seeking long-term care, even after the decision is made. The “move” itself is often feared as an overwhelming and emotionally challenging hurdle, impossible to overcome.

What we do

To help reduce the stress of planning and coordinating a transition to The Moments, we offer all new residents complimentary moving services to our enhanced assisted living community. Our Moments Moving Team will organize, clean, pack, transport a new resident’s belongings – and even go the extra mile to stage the interior design of a Resident’s new suite. Our goal is to make the transition as positive an experience as possible. This service is entirely unique to The Moments.


 Prior to moving day, The Moments Movers will work with your family to coordinate the logistics of a well- choreographed move. Moving someone with dementia can be a challenging task. A plan will be made to consider the layout and decor of each Resident’s new suite. Our clinical team will work with each family to assure a communications plan is in place to support their loved one’s well being leading up to and during the transition from their current home to their new home at The Moments.

Moving Day

Once the moving day has been scheduled, our moving team will arrive at the Resident’s home to clean, pack and transport all of the furnishings and belongings needed for the new resident suite at The Moments. Other than sharing their preferences during preparations, the family does not need to lift a finger! While our team is performing the move, new Residents and their family are invited to participate in a celebratory welcome meal in The Moments’ dining room!


As the family is enjoying their first meal together at The Moments, our movers will be hard at work unpacking and staging the furnishings to the Resident’s specifications. There is no better way to positively shape a first day in a new home than to begin by sharing an amazing family dining experience. Our culinary team will thoughtfully prepare a 4-course meal centered on our new Resident’s favorite foods and meal-time traditions. Welcome Home!

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