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Lakeville II: Opening in 2021

Campus Expansion (Lakeville II)

Opening in 2021, The Moments of Lakeville’s expanded campus will triple our capacity to provide the highest quality care in an innovative and technologically advanced memory care setting.  Our specialized dementia care and 5-star hospitality are uniquely crafted to meet the specific needs of our residents, their caregivers and extended family. 

The campus expansion that began in February will enrich the lives of our current Lakeville I residents and enable neighbors to join the Campus at a safe distance in the adjoining Lakeville II neighborhood.  

The Lakeville community will be adjoined by a private garden including an outdoor Cabana where families can enjoy a meal prepared in the outdoor kitchen, enjoy the manicured gardens where families may visit at safe distances and perhaps pick a vegetable or two. 

Safety is at the forefront of all of our plans.  Read how we are  keeping current and new residents safe, peruse the 3D rendering of our neighborhood in the making, or contact us to discuss if The Moments could be the right solution for your loved one. 

Enjoy The Moments’ Garden this Fall

The Moments’ Private Garden extends our sensory forward approach to memory care and is planned to include:


  • 10,000 Square Ft Indoor/Outdoor Area
  • Sensory Garden
  • Lo-Trip,/Wheelchair Width Walking Paths
  • Private Clubhouse for Residents & Guests
  • Outdoor Kitchen & Catering
  • Family Garden & Shade Seating
  • Entertainment Sound System
  • Outdoor Exercise Class Area
  • Family Dining Areas (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Garden Nursing Station & Restrooms
TheMoments Lakeville Garden Clubhouse

Coming in 2021:  Lakeville II Neighborhoods

Click into our 3D Virtual Reality Tour for a preview of the future building. 
Use the arrow buttons to navigate the virtual space.  Click the “flags” or blue points to move to the next location.
Launch the tour fullscreen in a new window ⇒

The 2-story expansion extends our campus to include new Lakeville II neighborhoods. Designs include luxury memory care amenities such as: 

  • Private Family Dining  Areas
  • On-Site Physician’s Office (Full Time)
  • Physical Therapy Center & Gym
  • Music Room
  • Movie Theatre
  • Craft Room
  • Calming Aquatic Life
  • Expanded Spa & Salon
  • Corporate Offices

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