moving into assisted living

Moving With Dementia

The Moments Makes Your Move Easy

Once a decision has been made to move a parent or spouse into a memory care facility, family members need to begin preparing for the move. Our goal at The Moments is to make the move-in process as seamless as possible.

From the time you tour our community (in person or by video) until the day your mom, dad or spouse moves in, our staff will be there to help you. We are here to provide the best memory care possible.

We start with a pre-assessment of your family members’ medical needs, lifestyle and habits. This is going to be their home and we want them to be able to live their life, maintaining the habits they’ve always had.  

Our Director of Health Services will gather medical records, therapy records, and a list of all medications. We’ll be ready for them on Day 1. 

Our Marketing Director will talk with you about choosing the furnishings and clothing that will move with your mom, dad or spouse. We ask families to put a post-it note or piece of tape on home furniture to be moved by our team so we are sure we’ve followed your exact instructions. 

We will also give you a list of what not to bring to The Moments. Safety is our top priority and we’ve found that some common household items and treasured mementos can pose a safety risk to the resident and others. 

If your loved one is currently living in a hospital or nursing home and no longer has household furnishings, talk to us about what you would like in their suite. We can provide furninshings for them at a nominal fee. 

You will see the difference on moving day as The Moments Moving Team arrives at your location! We have a dedicated moving team to help our residents and resident families with the physical moving process.

This is a free service that The Moments provides to in-state residents.

Our movers will arrive at a time and date determined by the family. They will be wearing The Moments t-shirts and driving a truck with our logo. This way , they are easily identifiable.  Upon arrival, they will put on a protective coverall suit, fresh gloves, masks and face shields or goggles.

As a way to alleviate the expected stress and anxiety, we ask families to take their loved one out for an activity while our movers are packing. We’ll meet you at The Moments later in the day.

When the Moments Moving Team enters the home, they will take photos of the current layout of furniture, artwork, photographs, etc. When they move your loved one’s belongings into their new residence, they will try to arrange the furnishings the way they were arranged previously.

Our movers wrap all furniture in plastic and moving blankets to prevent any damage to the furniture.  They also take time in the home setting to clean and disinfect all furnishings inside and out, before it goes into the truck. Stringent cleaning has always been a part of our moving service. As we now respond to COVID-19, that care is even more important.

Finally, if your loved one is moving from another community, The Moments Moving Team will pack the rest of your loved one’s belongings, making it easier for family members to take them home or arrange donation.

Our moving team is working in the background to get everything ready for your loved one. In the meantime, meet our nursing director, nursing staff and our chef! They are going to make this a very special day.

When the movers arrive, they will again disinfect all furnishings outside The Moments building before bringing them inside. They will rebuild the furniture and arrange it in the suite.

We ask that the family drop off all of their loved one’s medications at this time. Our nursing director will check these medications against the prescription list to ensure everything is correct.

A nursing assistant will take all clothing (and linens, if these came with the resident) immediately to the laundry room, except for tonight’s pajamas. All clothing will be washed, dried, and labeled with the residents’ name. By morning, they will find it folded in the dresser or hanging in their closet.

It’s already been a busy day so Chef Charles and his staff will have a great meal ready for your mom or dad, husband or wife. While this first meal is normally shared with family, during this period of sheltering-in-place family members can’t enter the facility. We are working on providing our families with a shared meal opportunity outdoors on the patio, but if that’s not possible on your move day, we’ll give you a raincheck.

The room may not be ready yet so staff will engage your family member with activities. Typically, a new resident is invited to be part of shared activities with other residents, but in response to COVID concerns, our policy is that all new residents (or residents returning from a medical setting) are quarantined for up to 14 days. They will be tested for coronavirus soon after arrival and their health will be closely monitored.

During quarantine residents can watch TV, do crafts or other activities in their room, and socialize with staff. Our staff will visit with them througout the day. We are interested in hearing the stories they have to share. Sharing memories is an important part of joining The Moments family.

Your loved one will go to sleep in their own room, at their own time, surrounded by their own things. And in the morning when they wake, they will see their favorite chair, family pictures on the wall, their own comfy robe. Their new life begins alongside these old familiar things.

If you would like to talk, to learn more about how The Moments is keeping current and new residents safe, call to discuss if The Moments could be the right solution for your loved one, or to schedule a virtual tour please contact us.


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Published On: June 18, 2020