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Moving a Loved One into an Assisted Living Community

Moving a Loved One into an Assisted Living Community – the Right time and The Move-in Process

In this article, we will detail the process of moving your loved one into an assisted living community. We’ll also address questions about when is the “right time” for your loved one to move into an assisted living or memory care community. If you are ready to transition your loved one into an assisted living community, you’re probably wondering about the moving process. For more information about the process of moving your loved one into The Moments Memory Care, contact us today! 

When is it time to move my loved one into memory care?


When should my Loved one with Dementia Transition to a Care Community ?

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is “when is it time to move my loved one into memory care?” It can be difficult to know the right time to place your loved one who is suffering from dementia into a memory care community. Oftentimes, families wait too long to place their loved one into a care facility because of their personal feelings of guilt.

While there are no real drawbacks to moving your loved one into memory care too soon, there are several drawbacks to waiting too long. The answer will vary from family to family. However, there are a few signs that it might be time for memory care

Mobility Issues

Oftentimes in the later stages of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, people suffer from extremely limited mobility. This poses a critical safety hazard not just to the person, but also to their family and friends who are acting as their caregivers. For example, if a loved one with memory loss is being cared for by their spouse, they may not be able to help during an emergency. Necessary daily activities like bathing, eating, getting dressed, and going to the bathroom can all become unnecessarily dangerous without the proper assistance. However, at memory care communities, staff is available 24-hours a day to help your loved one perform these necessary tasks safely. 

Medication Management 

All medications are carefully managed in a memory care community like The Moments Memory Care. At home, the burden falls solely on you as a care provider. Keeping up with your loved one’s medications can be difficult, not to mention convincing them to take the right medication at the right time. In a memory care community, you won’t have to worry if your loved one is taking their medication on top of all your other day-to-day-worries. An added benefit? The expertly trained staff at The Moments can recognize the signs sooner than you will if it’s time to change doses or medications. 


One of the primary reasons many families ultimately decide it is time to place their loved one in a memory care community is safety. Relatives who are suffering from dementia have a tendency to wander away and get lost. No matter how careful you are, this can happen without the caregiver realizing. This can be a life-threatening situation for your loved one. 

Memory care communities are designed to be as safe as possible for residents who are suffering from memory loss. Our community was designed specifically for patients suffering from memory loss. At The Moments Memory Care, our residents are safe to wander to their hearts’ content without risking their health or safety. Our exterior doors are monitored at all times and our staff is alerted any time a resident tries to exit. Our technology is the latest and greatest in memory care, so your mind will be at ease while your loved one is residing with us. 


Anyone who has been diagnosed with dementia or memory loss can benefit from a routine. Routines are comforting and ease a person’s anxiety. Oftentimes, it can be hard to offer a consistent routine at home, no matter how hard you try. At an assisted living community or memory care center, your loved one’s days will be structured and they will feel comforted by the benefit of having a daily routine so they can know what to expect and when. 

Caregiver Stress

Unfortunately, when a person is diagnosed with dementia, they aren’t the only ones to be affected. Whether you are in your 20s, 40s, or 60s, caring for a loved one with memory loss can be stressful and even take a toll on your health. Placing your loved one in a memory care community can benefit your loved one’s health as well as yours. Be sure to monitor your own stress level and overall well-being as other key factors to consider when deciding if it is time to move your loved one into a memory care community

Long-Distance Caregiving

Particularly for a loved one suffering with dementia or memory loss, it is difficult or impossible to care for them from afar. In an assisted living facility, caregivers are moments away at any given time to help your loved one with anything they need. This alleviates the stress of you being across town or across the country and not being able to keep an eye on your family member. 

The Process of Moving into The Moments Memory Care

We’ve experienced it ourselves – moving a loved one out of their home into a long-term care community is an emotional and difficult process. Transitioning a loved one who is suffering from  memory loss can be exponentially more difficult. 

At The Moments, we’ve made this process as personal and effortless as possible by providing  complimentary moving services by our very own “The Moments Moving Team.” We believe our residents and their families are our family so it is our priority to make this transition easy for your entire family. 

The Moments Moving Team moves, cleans, packs, organizes, and transports all of the new resident’s belongings to their new home. We go the extra mile and help stage the interior design of their suite! Yes, suite – we only offer suites at The Moments Memory Care, making your loved one’s new home as roomy as possible.

Our design services include placing artwork and photographs on the walls and arranging furniture exactly as it appeared in the resident’s house


This is a unique service offered by The Moments Memory Care. Specifically, here is our approach: 

Step 1: Moving Preparation

Before moving day even happens, our team will coordinate with your family to plan all the details of the move. We will make sure a plan is made with your family to help your loved one’s emotional well-being for the big day. 

Step 2: The Move 

On moving day, our team will arrive at the resident’s current home to clean, organize, pack, and transport all of their belongings to their luxurious new suite at The Moments Memory Care. No one in your family will need to move a muscle! 

Step 3: Welcome 

While our team handles moving your loved one’s belongings, your family is invited to sit down for a meal with your loved one at The Moments to ease the transition. This is your warm welcome to begin your loved one’s stay at The Moments. 

For more information about the moving process and The Moments Memory Care, don’t hesitate to contact us today! 



Our resident specialist will give you a private tour of The Moments Memory Care Community and answer any questions you may have.

Safety Protocols

Our HVAC system was uniquely designed to deliver six complete air changes per hour which means clean air, safer air, throughout the building. Our resident rooms have individual fresh air and filtration above the windows, both designed to increase safety and sanitation levels.

Our normal protocol includes rigorous daily disinfecting of resident rooms and common areas. During every shift, staff disinfects doors, handrails and other common areas.

Meals have shifted from community gatherings to small group, socially distanced meals that are served in shifts, tables and chairs are sanitized after each seating.

ALL residents and staff are tested bi-weekly, at a minimum and take temperature checks are conducted daily of all residents.

Anybody – staff, caregivers, residents, vendors – who enters The Moments will pass through the ENTRY where Far-UVC lighting will inactivate surface-level viruses and bacteria

Additionally, prior to each
shift staff:

  • Undergo a health
    screening, temperature
    check and contact risk
    evaluation surveys prior
    to entering the building
  • Are required to wear a
    facemask and goggles
    at all times
  • Constantly conducting
    thorough handwashing
    and hand sanitization
    during their shifts

Essential caregivers/visitors
are required to:


  • Undergo a health
    screening, temperature
    check and contact risk
    evaluation surveys prior
    to entering the building
  • Wear masks during
    their visit
Published On: February 5, 2021