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Does Supportive Living Include Memory Care?

Making the decision to seek out-of-home care for your loved one can be incredibly complex. And this already-challenging decision becomes even more fraught as your search for the right place for your loved one to age comfortably and with dignity. 

Should you find an assisted living facility that meets their current needs but doesn’t offer future support? Or should you search for a post-acute provider that does everything from independent living to adult day care?

While there’s no one-size-fits all answer to these questions, if your loved one is in need of memory care, you must be sure to identify the right organization that provides the right care at the right time. 

To help make this complex decision easier, the blog explores the options for individuals in need of memory care. 

Read on to learn more. 

What is the Difference Between Independent, Supportive, and Assisted Living?

As the needs of seniors change, so do their care options. While historically the most common options for senior living have included assisted living, independent living, and skilled nursing, there are other care models available that may be a better fit for the needs of your loved ones, like continuing care retirement community (CCRC) or supportive living.

Below, we explore some of the most common residential options for seniors:

Independent Living 

Residents in these communities are self-directed and manage their own day-to-day activities. In essence, these entities create a community of seniors living independently with minimal oversight. 

Assisted Living 

Assisted living refers to a community in which residents are predominately independent but in need of some support to complete daily activities, like transportation and medication management. 

Supportive Living 

This care model is ideal for the individual who isn’t an exact fit for assisted living but needs occasional support. These facilities offer daily check-ins for families and offer support as care needs evolve. 

Now that you have a better of what each of these care communities entails, you can determine which is the correct fit for your loved one. 

Do All Assisted Living Facilities Offer Memory Care?

While assisted living offers many benefits to older individuals including transportation, gyms, beauty salons, and many other desirable amenities., not all facilities necessarily include memory care. 

The majority or supportive living communities do offer this particular service to residents. And while, on the surface, supportive communities may present as identical to assisted living facilities, they often feature unique design and layout that help residents identify their location and reduce confusion. 

What Do Memory Care Facilities Offer?

While we’ve briefly discussed the unique layout of memory care supportive living facilities, these communities will also have unique programs and practices in place that can aid in caring for your loved one experiencing memory loss. 

Additional design elements may include:

  • Color-coded walls 
  • Outdoor gardens that encourage pattern recognition
  • Opportunities for personalization that make the space feel more like home

And while these are just a few of many design options that memory care facilities include, the above are all aimed at increasing pattern recognition to serve as anchor points for residents. 

In addition to the physical, memory care facilities offer residents activities that stimulate and support their individual needs. These can range from music-based activities to gardening and everything in between.

Does Supportive Living Include Memory Care Conclusion  

As you search for the right senior living option for your loved one, seek supportive care facilities–compared to their assisted living counterparts, these providers are much more likely to offer a robust memory care program. 

If you’re searching for a community designed with memory care needs in mind, look no further than the Moments, a unique community determined to rethink the design and operational development of the memory care community approach in the United States.

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Published On: December 24, 2021