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Continuing Care Retirement Communities

What are Continuing Care Retirement Communities? 

Continuing care retirement communities, or CCRCs, are a long-term care option for the elderly. They are traditionally for those who want to stay in the same place (and avoid the hassle of moving over and over again) through different phases of the aging process. These communities are also sometimes referred to as life plan communities. 

There are nearly 2,000 continuing care retirement communities across the United States. These communities offer different kinds of housing and varying levels of care, depending on each senior’s needs and how they might change. The benefit of a continuing care retirement community is that a resident can start out living independently in their own apartment, then transition to assisted living to receive more help with the activities of daily life. Or, they might move into a skilled nursing part of the facility if they require more serious medical care. However, he or she will never need to move out of the original community they moved into originally. 

What are the Pros of Continuing Care Retirement Communities? 

The main pro to continuing care retirement communities is that they offer many different kinds of care, services, and activities, all in one place. This allows residents a sense of comfort and familiarity, even as their age and needs change over time. 

What are the Cons of Continuing Care Retirement Communities?

Continuing care retirement communities are often very costly. More than half of these kinds of communities charge an entry fee. This initial payment to live at the facility on average is about $339,000, but can be $1 million or more at certain communities. Then, once the resident has moved in, they typically pay monthly maintenance or service fees that cost between $3,000 and $7,000 per month. For communities that do not charge an entry fee, the monthly fee is typically between $4,000 and $8,000 per month. 

For a loved one who is suffering from memory loss, a memory care community is typically a better solution. Memory care communities are designed specifically for those suffering from dementia and memory loss, so they specialize in these kinds of services and care. 

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Safety Protocols

Our HVAC system was uniquely designed to deliver six complete air changes per hour which means clean air, safer air, throughout the building. Our resident rooms have individual fresh air and filtration above the windows, both designed to increase safety and sanitation levels.

Our normal protocol includes rigorous daily disinfecting of resident rooms and common areas. During every shift, staff disinfects doors, handrails and other common areas.

Meals have shifted from community gatherings to small group, socially distanced meals that are served in shifts, tables and chairs are sanitized after each seating.

ALL residents and staff are tested bi-weekly, at a minimum and take temperature checks are conducted daily of all residents.

Anybody – staff, caregivers, residents, vendors – who enters The Moments will pass through the ENTRY where Far-UVC lighting will inactivate surface-level viruses and bacteria

Additionally, prior to each
shift staff:

  • Undergo a health
    screening, temperature
    check and contact risk
    evaluation surveys prior
    to entering the building
  • Are required to wear a
    facemask and goggles
    at all times
  • Constantly conducting
    thorough handwashing
    and hand sanitization
    during their shifts

Essential caregivers/visitors
are required to:


  • Undergo a health
    screening, temperature
    check and contact risk
    evaluation surveys prior
    to entering the building
  • Wear masks during
    their visit
Published On: February 5, 2021