Seniors engaged in activities in an assisted living facility

6 Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living

It’s important to keep residents engaged inside any assisted living facility. After all, making good use of the body and mind can help lift the mood and increase a sense of belonging, and that can effect real and tangible benefits when it comes to cognition and mobility. Over time, a well-balanced calendar of activities will help your loved one maintain their zest for life, and the facility itself will allow them to keep some semblance of their independence.

Whether you’ve long been considering putting your loved one into a home or recent events have made their current living situation untenable, the right community can help close the gap between what they can do and what they may need assistance with from day to day. Regardless of your loved one’s age or their medical prognosis, they still have those same desires to explore, have fun and get the most out of life every day — and the right activities for seniors in an assisted living environment can help do just that.

Learning New Skills

While some people may believe that the elderly are stuck in their ways, it’s a fact of life that just about everyone loves learning new things. But to take things up a notch, activities for senior citizens in assisted living facilities can be much more engaging and fun if it involves learning a new skill that can be leveraged in a form of expression, such as painting, music or poetry. Sure, these activities may not be new, they’ll certainly be novel to those that are asked to express themselves in a way that they haven’t in years.

Beyond creative forms of expression, assisted living activities may also include educational lectures, group performances and guided reading. For the truly adventurous, foreign language classes or immersive tech instruction can help break the cycle and introduce new activities into their day.


It’s one of those staple activities for seniors in assisted living facilities that gets residents up and moving, and it doesn’t even require much. With a stereo and an area cleared to act as the dance floor — or even in place with a chair if mobility is an issue — dancing is a common activity in elder care. It’s fun, keeps residents moving and it provides many opportunities for residents to socialize and interact with others. Better yet, dancing also allows residents to express themselves while being part of the group, and there’s always line dancing and square dancing to fall back on if residents need a little push.


You wouldn’t necessarily expect to see the elderly at a local concert, but performances are a big part of the activities for seniors in assisted living facilities. Rather than having to attend an event off the premises, many assisted living communities invite performers and other entertainers to the facility itself. From musical groups to choirs, stand-up comedy and theater, age-appropriate entertainment can be something that residents look forward to all week. Some facilities may even invite family and friends, or put on productions themselves where the residents get to engage in being creative in front of members of the community and other guests.

Group Exercise

It might not sound like one of those ideal activities for assisted living residents, but group exercise is a great way to socialize while getting much needed movement into the day’s activities. Forget about complicated contraptions and other dangerous gear, group exercise can be low-impact and perfect for the needs of everyone from dementia patients to the mobility challenged. On the low end there’s meditation, Tai Chi and yoga, but it’s easy to take things up a notch with spin class, Zumba and balloon volleyball.


It’s one of those things that even bad singers love — karaoke. With a handful of backing tracks, a microphone and a PA, karaoke has become one of the hottest activities for seniors in assisted living communities. From simple karaoke to all-out singing competitions a la “American Idol” or “The Masked Singer,” residents will have a blast belting out their favorite tunes — or a good laugh at everyone’s attempts. For more group oriented versions of singing, groups or choirs can provide another opportunity to work together and interact among members of the community.


More than just bingo, games are great activities for seniors in assisted living facilities because there is bound to be at least one that resonates with each resident. Some may prefer card games while others may cherish a board game that they remember from their youth. Bingo is a common sight, to be sure, but don’t be surprised if there’s a Nintendo Wii or another video game system that promotes movement over sitting on a couch and mashing buttons. Virtual bowling, tennis, golf and baseball are all popular video games, and they can provide a nice break from brain-boosting games such as Sudoku, crossword puzzles, checkers and chess.

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Published On: November 23, 2021